One stop shopping for all your mealtime needs. We offer a full line of Cape Cod shellfish, fish fillets, and live lobsters.

The seafood is delivered throughout the day by local fisherman, cut on premises, and put right into the case for you to purchase, or brought to the restaurant to cook for you. We don’t wholesale, so we can keep our inventory just right to ensure that you don’t ever have a “fishy” smell.

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We will cook, crack and split your lobsters for you to enjoy at home at no charge. Just call ahead.We also offer a full line of fruit and produce and breads and pies baked right here.

Our freezer is stocked with our homemade seafood, soups, chowders and stews, heat and serve dinner entrees, lobster ravioli, appetizers, etc.Fresh herbs, cheeses, dips….whatever you need for a fabulous Cape Cod meal!